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Improve Your Wi-Fi With These Tips

by / Tuesday, 28 February 2017 / Published in News

At home or at the office, you can employ these quick tips to improve your Wi-Fi signal.

1. Point the antenna up.
You will notice that the physical antennas on your router are manually adjustable. Pointing them upwards can actually give you maximum single strength. Position your router’s antenna straight up and if there are multiple antennae, point them at a slight angle upwards away from each other.

2. Put your router in the right position.
Think about where your router is located. Is it close to the center of the coverage area you need? If not, repositioning the router in a more central location on a high shelf or mounted on a wall will help open up the signal for everyone to use.

3. Keep the signal clear.
Don’t place your router on metal shelves or filing cabinets. These can block the signal just like a stone wall. Believe it or not, microwave ovens and old cordless handset phones can cause an interruptions with Wi-Fi signals too.