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3 Ways to Win the IT Battle

by / Monday, 29 August 2016 / Published in News

#1 Find an IT manager you can rely on. 

Most IT problems can be solved by a good preventative support plan. Things like proactive maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, and remote services will keep your business running smoothly for the long haul. These types of preventative plans are only offered by Managed Service Providers or MSP’s. IT companies offer the best technologies and equipment on the market and will continually keep your business up-to-date with the latest resources for your company to succeed.  


#2 Make sure you’re equipped for your job. 

Aside from keeping an eye on your network and operations, businesses need the best tools for their specific jobs. Make sure your servers and computers are ready for your workload. The best question to ask is probably the most obvious: What core functions do you need your equipment to handle? Identify your goals before you embark on a quest for new equipment. Start with the basics. Deploy security essentials like firewalls for your wireless and wired access points, install antivirus protection on all of your machines, and establish a good policy for IT support.


#3 Test your environment and train your staff. 

Once you’re comfortable with your equipment and you are up and running, take time to test your environment. Make sure there are no security loopholes online or physically in your office. Know where your data is held and who is accessing it. Put a good back-up and recovery plan in place so your company data is always available should the need arise. From there, create documentation like an acceptable-use policy for your company and train your employees so they know the nature of today’s cyber-attacks as well as the common risks your company faces each day. 


Seems like a plan but, where do I start?
We recommend a full assessment of your network. Develop a comprehensive solution to repair and improve upon your existing environment; take time to prepare, make sure you don’t have any reservations about your network or equipment, and train your staff so you’re ready for a flawless delivery.


Give us a call today for your FREE 27 Point Network Assessment. 
We will look at all the details of your network including your infrastructure, performance, availability, management and security. Through this assessment we will identify problems and issues that are negatively affecting your network performance and provide you with our recommendations to improve your network.

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