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XP Isn’t Alone! Server 2003 Support Ends Soon.

by / Wednesday, 17 September 2014 / Published in News

Do you have Microsoft Windows Server 2003 powering your operations? Be aware, product support for this product is ending next year. Just like the end of life date for XP, Microsoft is phasing out support for Server 2003 products too. This could mean major risks for your company.

Microsoft is ending support on July 14th, 2015 This date proposed for the end of support applies to standard, enterprise and datacenter versions of Windows Server 2003. While it may seem like a ways off, upgrading a server isn’t as quick and easy as updating a tower or laptop computer. What does this mean for businesses?

Your server could be dismantled by a 5th grader. Ok, so it isn’t that bad, but it’s really no laughing matter that the end of extended support means no more patches or updates to keep your company safe. So, watch out! Threats against your server could skyrocket and new threats will undoubtedly be on the rise as malicious bullies position for attack when support disappears.

Your company may be out of compliance. Outdated software means your business is out of PCI compliance too. If your company is held to HIPPA or PCI requirements in order to operate, you can’t afford to wait. Businesses in the healthcare or financial industry should not operate without ongoing patches, security updates and software support. Penalties for PCI violations are steep, estimations are reported at around $5,000 or more.

Why should you upgrade your server OS if it isn’t broken? Answer this one question, “Are you comfortable running your company with the risks of an unsupported OS?” If your answer is “No?”, upgrade. Leaving your server unprotected means there will be holes for hackers to attack. All your company data may be exposed.

Spread the word about Microsoft Server 2003. Don’t let your company, clients, or friends run on an outdated system. This end-of-life date means all servers running Server 2003 will be vulnerable leaving everyone using this old operating system open to viruses and invasions.

July 2015 is coming. While it may seem like you have plenty of time, the truth is it takes roughly 4 to 8 weeks for manufacturers like Dell to build a new server. It can also take up to four weeks for configuration and installation when you purchase a new server. Even upgrades can be a little tricky for businesses with specialty software programs or large amounts of data.

Don’t hesitate. This is an investment you can’t afford to miss. Give us a call today for a FREE Server 2003 Assessment to determine the best and most economical course of action for your organization.